Commons, uncommons, etc.

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Commons, uncommons, etc.

Post by Jangrafess on Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:49 am

Hello all,

I've started again recently after almost an entire year out of the game, concentrating on my A Levels, in which I only played at Nationals. I borrowed a deck for that. I've kept up with as much of the current format as I was able to, but without much luck. Now I find myself in the position where all I have is the few cards from the Stormfront pre-release and the contents of a Mewtwo Lvl. X box. Which was poor, seeing as two of the boosters were Power Keepers. Ridiculous!

Anyway, what I'm asking for is an amount of commons and uncommons and things that can get me on the road towards being able to build the foundations of decent decks again. I know that most players have tonnes of the things and at my old league we used to give them away to the younger players and suchlike. I'm willing to trade, um, small amounts of money and bits and pieces I can see around my uni room. A half empty box of cereal, say, or some broken headphones. I'm a little poor.
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