Tank - Armaldo/Regirock

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Tank - Armaldo/Regirock

Post by kaworu on Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:22 am

Might as well post one of my fun decks I made:

Armaldo LA is an undeniable tank, and so is Regirock. Armaldo only takes 70+ damage and Regirock is his energy acceleration along with Stark Mountain.

Love this deck.

4 Jirachi/Sableye or Sentret
4 Claw Fossil
2 Anorith
4 Armaldo
2-2 Claydol
2 Regirock
3 techs (pokemon like unown G / Groudon / plus powers etc) or 3 Furret if running Sentret

3 Felicity's drawing (to help discard the fighting energy)
3 Roseanne
4 Bebe
1 Luxury Ball
3 Excavator
3 Rare Candy
4 Stark Mountain
2 Night Maintanence
1 Warp point

13 Fighting energy

Armaldo LA: http://pokegym.net/gallery/showimage.php?i=35727&c=190

Regirock LA: http://pokegym.net/gallery/showimage.php?i=35665&c=190

Main combo is Regirock to attach a fighting to himself from the discard pile and use Starks mountain to move it to Armaldo.

Ideal start is Jirachi or Sentret depending on your preference, also starting with claw fossil is good as you can discard it if need be and retrieve it with Excavator. Also you can attach an energy say first turn to claw fossil and discard them both in order to get fighting into the discard for regi.

Everytime you use Regirocks power make sure you put a fighting energy in the discard so you can make sure you can use the power next turn.

Retreating either Jirachi or Furret adds an energy to the discard for Regirock to place on himself and you can use Stark Mountain to move it to Armaldo.

Regirock can then discard fighting energy in preparation for the next turn to make sure you constantly have energy acceleration (it sadly cannot discard and attach the exact same energy as you need fighting in the discard to use the power), also regi can help rid cards from hand for claydol to draw more.

You can ensure a good chance of drawing all of these including claydols, rare candy, fossils, starks mountain etc as both Jirachi and furret search for any card.

Claydol for ultimate draw with his cosmic power.

Armaldo's attacks effect works for any of your pokemon as long as it's the same defending pokemon it's ensuring a pretty much guaranteed 2HKO on anything played competitively. 140HP and only takes damage of 70+ with only a 2 retreat cost.

Armaldo's body amazingly stops anyone from hitting him with bench damage from an attack (unless it states "place damage counters" which most don't).

Also furret's 2nd attack can move to the bench, trans the energy onto Armaldo and more than likely as it's early on they won't be able to hit for more then 60.

Excavator, Roseanne and Bebe to ensure Armaldo, Regirock and claydol get set up fast.

Felicity and retreating or being knocked out puts fighting energy into the discard for Regirock.


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Re: Tank - Armaldo/Regirock

Post by Jangrafess on Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:26 pm

How about some Amulet Coins to complement Jirachi?
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