Dragon DNA

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Dragon DNA

Post by 3D3N on Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:42 pm

Pachirisu x3
Baltoy x2
Claydol x2
Unown P x3 (Thanks Scott Smile)
Drifloon x1
Drifblim x1
Gyradaos x4
Magikarp x4

Buck's Training x1
Luxury Ball x1
Quick Ball x2
Dusk Ball x3
Bebe's Search x3
Roseanne x2
Switch x4
Warp Point x4

Fighting x6
Water x8
Psychic x4

The most killer start with Pachirisu, ideal starting bench is 2 Unknown, 2 Magikarp and a Baltoy although if you want to, skimp on a magikarp and get all three unknown for the extra damage pump depending on the situation. The 'flail' attack is the main strategy, tweaking the amount of damage counter distribution depending on what you're facing with a possible 150 damage with one energy with a Buck's Training and a possible second turn 70 damage (with Buck's) which can wipe out alot of basics in one swipe. If you only have one or two damage counters on him, as long as nothing is doing over 100 damage within two or three turns you can rely on one or two initially fast prizes most of the time.

The beauty of this deck is the fast build - high damage for one energy and ease of choice since the only thing you have to worry about getting out apart from the Gyrados is a Claydol, which ensures constant hand cycling. A Drifblim is floating around in there in case you run out of Gyrados - I didn't want to sacrifice precious pokemon seeker trainer slots on night maintenance when you can get two Gyrados, two Magikarp and a useful supporter back in your deck in one turn, plus it has a fairly decent 80HP and zero retreat cost. Handy Smile

Four switches and four warp points - trust me, with Gyrados' high retreat cost (although sometimes you may have time to give him the energy required) and risky attack involving damage counters they really count, especially for the tactical surprise element they provide. If you want, it might be an idea to swap out a couple of these for Super Scoop Up, however it's a coin toss and not as reliable. If anyone else builds this or can otherwise see any neat things you could do to break this deck please jot them down and let me know Smile


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Re: Dragon DNA

Post by Paul the Foz on Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:04 pm

mean deck.... fun to play with tho Very Happy

Paul the Foz

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Re: Dragon DNA

Post by Kellie on Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:48 pm

*Nods head in agreement.*

Would be very fun to play with...very fun.

Great Idea. Laughing


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Re: Dragon DNA

Post by The Pain on Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:11 pm

I've always loved this deck, always a great deck as 3D3N stated incredily fast when it behaves only beaten it once and to be honest I thought i got lucky, its a great and adaptable the number of ideas i've seen added to and interchanged with this deck its amazing.
If you made this to be competative congrats you did it
If you wanted fun and a chance to experiment you hit the target head on.

The only thing i can think of is maybe drop a couple of warp/switch I know there handy but 8 might be abit more than you need even after factoring prizes i'd only suggest droping 3 tops and replacing with Plus Power just for extra kick when you need it, but you probs won't need any extra

The Pain
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Re: Dragon DNA

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