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Post by Jangrafess on Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:18 pm

It's a simple enough Speed Houndoom deck, with a few techs that may or may not work! I've been putting it together slowly over the last couple of hours, testing it against... well, nothing apart from logical percentages and whatnot. My trainer line could be a lot stronger, but I'll put up a list based on the cards I actually own here, and possibly come back to it later.


4-4 Houndoom
1-1 Lumineon
2 Unown E

Trainers and Supporters:

4 Night Maintenance
1 Time Space Distortion
4 Pluspower
3 Roseanne's Research
2 Team Galactic's Wager
3 Professor Oak's Visit
3 Warp Point
2 Great Ball
3 Team Galactic's Mars
3 Bebe's Search
4 Quick Ball
1 Buck's Training


14 Fire
1 Water


The strategy is pretty clear cut in that I want a decent start with a Houndour and probably nothing else. I need to get myself to Houndoom as quickly as possible, hence the sheer amount of pokémon searching cards in here. It looks like I'll be on Houndoom by turn two in nearly every game, dealing out 60 damage and hopefully inflicting a burn in the process. I can if necessary deal out 70 without the burn, but the prospect of discarding your energy early game isn't a particularly appealing one. Unown E is in here to add vital hit points to Houndoom, but must be used sparingly as only two can really fit into the deck before they might begin to appear in your starting hand too often. They're a nice way to search out +10HP from your deck, with either Great Ball or Roseanne, and, of course, they take up no bench space. Lumineon is in here for its 20 damage sniping attack for no energy, but also its pokémon power, which allows you to both fill your opponent's bench and also drag something out for a quick KO courtesy of Houndoom. I included a sole water energy in case times ever become desperate. Possible trainer switches would involve upping the number of Buck's Trainings in here, and also (slightly) evening out the ratio between draw cards and pokémon search cards.

Possible techs:

Heatran Lvl. X. Could be nice to prevent the discarding of Houndoom's energy through Bright Flame, but it could be slow to set up.
Cynthia's Feelings. I'm not sure how necessary drawing into a huge hand is, but if you approach a middle or late game, you might find yourself in the midst of a high Houndoom turnover rate, thus allowing yourself to draw vast amounts of cards back after using a Night Maintenance. I'll have to playtest a bit before I'm convinced though.
Jirachi. I've been told it works. I'm not so sure. I think that having one out will slow you down and you'll only have to invest energy in retreating it or letting it be knocked out. The first choice involves leaving something on your bench, and if your opponent is intelligent they'll let it sit there rather than attacking it, allowing themselves to build to a point where they can easily take your eighty hit point Houndooms. I'll need someone to explain it to me. Even with Amulet Coin, I don't get it.
Unown G. This would have to serve as a direct replacement for Unown E, serving an entirely different purpose. I'll need to playtest.
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