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Post by Narctiss on Mon Dec 08, 2008 5:53 pm

Just for kicks I'm planning on building (and have started) a Mismagius S deck consisting of 4-4 Mismagius and 2-2 Lumineon.
The deck will contain some minimal energy for Magius' second attack which ties in very nicely with Lumineon's power, also for Misdreavus' two attacks which, when they work, deal a nice 50 damage if your opponent stays asleep. Only about 5-7 energy will be considered as the main focus of the deck and it's strategy is to do a T2/3 constant 80 where possible using Tools and Technical Machines for Mismagius' first energyless attack.
Tools to be included will be any I can grab. Leftovers and Amulet Coin for certain, along with Energy link, Bubble Coat, Evoluter (TS TM-1), Devoluter (TS TM-2) and possibly a number of Unown. Although a T1 start with a hand full of Unown isn't the best idea, so any other tools will be used instead with the Unown (G, E, Q) being minimal in quantity.
As a note, you can have as many TM's to a Pokemon at a time as you want, and so these should probably be discarded last of all. TS TM-2 (Devolute) could also be nice as an attack to get some KO's on low HP basics that evolved later on.

Supporters I'm thinking of using are hand refreshers and specific searchers. Bebe's, Roseanne's, Prof. Rowan, Cynthia's and maybe even TGW. Marley's is definitely a Supporter that can be included to reclaim as many Tools as you have Marley's in your deck!
I think the best trainer would probably have to be a stock of 4 Quick Ball. Then there's Switch (Not Warp Point as this could interfere with the Magius/Lumineon/Magius retreats when using Lumineon's power), possibly Plus Power to make up for a nice 90 HP attack and from there it goes on to whatever else the deck seems to lack! (A lot XD).

I'm not going to post a deck list because nothing is decided, I just want random opinions on what else can be suggested to throw in. Make your own deck list if you want and we'll see what comes out of it in the end! I will probably play this not this coming weekend (since there will be no league of course! Haha), but the one afterwards if people are offering Tools and TM's for trades?

Brief Strategy:
Pull out as many Pokemon in the shortest time possible as a normal T2 deck, attach as many tools as the bench can handle and then attack with (hopefully) a T1 Misdreavus to put the opponent's pokemon to sleep. If the opponent happens to still be basic and asleep by T2, the option of KO'ing with Drevus' second attack for 50 damage and 50 damage removal on itself can be considered (as opposed to evolving to Magius and wasting 2-3 Tools on a basic). Otherwise evolve and make the decision on how many Tools to throw away for damage.
From there, get a Lumineon set up and start switching in/out Magius to get basics active with Lumineon (as long as your opponent has some in their hand). The way to go from here can be situational. If you have 2 energy attached to Magius, then you have the option of either using the Tool attack for however much HP you can take off to KO, or maximum damage, the opponent's active. Or, if you're facing a basic, a Plus Power could be an easy KO for it's second attack of 40+10 (Hopefully it won't be a 60HP basic haha) with the added bonus that if your opponent has filled their bench with 4+ Pokemon, you get to take one of those and put it back into their hand, delaying their setup.

After about T4, I presume this deck would fall on it's face, but it'd be a laugh anyway XD. I'll have to see what happens!

That's all! Just a fun idea to break from the normal way of play of energy energy energy! ^_^.

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