Ho-Oh / Togekiss Rainbow Deck

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Ho-Oh / Togekiss Rainbow Deck

Post by Professor Roddish on Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:20 am

This deck is real fun to play if you like a bit of dramatic gambling.

2 x Unown G (Great Encounters, 57/106)
3 x Pachirisu (Great Encounters, 5/106)
4 x Ho-Oh (Secret Wonders, 10/132)
3 x Togepi (Great Encounters, 88/106)
3 x Togetic (Great Encounters, 55/106)
3 x Togekiss (Great Encounters, 11/106)

Total = 18 Pokemon

1 x Switch
1 x Pokedex
1 x Energy Restore
1 x Energy Search
3 x Energy Link
2 x Dusk Ball
2 x Quick Ball
2 x PlusPower
2 x Rare Candy
3 x Night Maintenance

Total = 18 Trainers

1 x Bucks Training
1 x Team Galactic's Mars
1 x Professor Oak's Visit
1 x Professor Rowan
1 x Felicity's Drawing

Total = 5 Supporters

2 x Water
3 x Grass
3 x Fighting
2 x Lightning
3 x Fire
2 x Psychic
2 x Darkness
2 x Metal

Total = 19 Basic Energy

Playing It

Okay, it's a simple strategy. Ho-Oh is your big hitter, power him up as best you can by using Togekiss's pokepower, also stop him getting knocked out by effects with Unown G. Pachirisu is there to help yu build up your bench quickly
You're going to be tossing lots of coins, which I find fun because of the extra random element, so be prepared for some gripping battles with it.


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Re: Ho-Oh / Togekiss Rainbow Deck

Post by The Pain on Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:49 pm

I've seen broken space time help this deck as you can speed straight from togepi to togekiss without a candy also maybe add a snowpoint so you can use your time space to get what you need then stop your opponent using it and boost your ho-oh's hp
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